Adobe MAX 2023: 11 new AI projects announced – Adobe Firefly, Adobe Sensei and more

Adobe MAX 2023 is going on in Los Angeles, California from October 10-12, 2023 this year. Adobe MAX is the largest creative conference in the world. It brings together professionals of all fields to share knowledge, form connections, and find inspiration. There are various sessions, workshops, and labs on a variety of creative topics.

Adobe announced 11 new AI projects at the event. These AI projects can make creatives of all levels more productive. These projects make it simpler for beginners who have just started using creative software like Photoshop and Illustrator.

New AI projects announced in Adobe MAX 2023

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is a new family of generative AI models which can quickly generate images, vectors, and designs from text prompts.

With the help of Adobe Firefly, a designer can create a concept design for a new product or a photographer may create a realistic backdrop for a shot by using text prompts.

Project Draw & Delight

It is a tool which may use a text prompt to transform a doodle into a well-done drawing.

A user can just draw a simple doodle of anything and then Project Draw & Delight will generate a finished drawing of it.

Glyph Ease

Glyph Ease can make customized lettering more accessible by instantly applying specific design elements to a word in Illustrator with the help of Glyph Ease.

It can add a 3D effect to a word.

Adobe Sensei Live

It is an AI-powered live preview feature in Photoshop with the help of which users can see how their changes will look in real-time.

A user can use Adobe Sensei Live to see and compare how a filter will look on an image before they apply it.

Adobe Sensei Select

You can easily select complex objects with the help of Adobe Sensei Select like hair or fur. 

A user can select the hair in a portrait image without tracing manually around it.

Adobe Sensei Smart Masks

It is a new AI-powered masking feature in Photoshop that can automatically create masks for objects in images. 

A user could use Adobe Sensei Smart Masks to create a mask for the sky in an image without having to manually select it.

Adobe Announced New AI Projects

Adobe Sensei Sky Replacement

It is a new AI-powered sky replacement feature in Photoshop which will make it easy to replace the sky in an image with a new one.

One can replace the cloudy sky in an image with a sunny sky.

Adobe Sensei Neural Filters

These Neural Filters are a new set of AI-powered filters in Photoshop that can enhance images, create new effects etc.

One can remove blemishes from a portrait image, or add a cartoonish effect to an image.

Adobe Sensei Content-Aware Fill

This AI-powered feature in Photoshop can fill in empty spaces of an image with realistic content. 

It can remove unwanted objects from an image or to fill in the gaps in a torn image.

Adobe Sensei Text to Path

Adobe Sensei Text to Path is a new AI-powered feature that can convert text to editable vector paths. 

You can convert a piece of text into a vector logo.

Adobe Sensei Content Aware Vectorization

Adobe Sensei Content Aware Vectorization is an AI-powered feature that can convert images to editable vector graphics. 

Users can convert a raster image of a logo into a vector logo.

Adobe Sensei Real-Time Preview

It is a new AI real-time preview feature in Illustrator that allows users to see how their changes will look in real time.

One can see how a colour change will look on an object in Illustrator before they apply it.

All these projects are powerful AI tools which can make a major impact on the creative industry. They can easily and quickly create high-quality creative content. These AI projects are opening new doors for the creative industry. Let’s see how will these projects bring change and how the creatives will use them, till then stay connected with oreonow.

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