AI Generated a “Small, Squishy and Misshapen” Robot that can Walk by Spasming

Yes, you read it right. AI can now even create walking robots. A team of researchers from Northwestern University, MIT and the University of Vermont asked AI to design a robot that could walk. Guess what AI did! 

AI generated a “Small, Squishy and Misshapen” Robot that can walk by spasming when it is filled with air. The design of the AI caught the researchers off guard, but it also ignited their interest. The robot was successfully developed as a prototype, and it was able to walk. Although the robot is still under development, it has the ability to completely change how robots are created.

The design of AI is unusual but it is also effective. The robot’s body is soft and squishy allowing it to make its way across rough terrain and resist attacks. The robot’s spasms are effective because they enable it to move while consuming little energy.

However, the design is also versatile. We can use such robots for a number of tasks like exploring disaster zones, delivering packages, or even providing companionship.

How did the Researchers Create this Robot?

Based on the design of AI, the researchers initially created a 3D model of the robot. Then they used a 3D printer to make the robot mold. Talking about the robot’s body, they poured liquid silicone rubber into the mold to create and cure it.

EcoFlex, a flexible material, is used to make the actuators for the robot. A system of fluidic channels connecting to these actuators is managed by a valve network. By pumping air into the fluidic channels, the actuators will expand and compress, so the robot will be able to move.

A microcontroller is the building block of the robot’s control system. A number of sensors, like accelerometers and gyroscopes, provide data to the microcontroller. The microcontroller then uses this data to regulate the valves in the fluidic channels, allowing the robot to move in the direction it wants.

This AI-designed “Small, Squishy and Misshapen” Robot has a number of Features

  • Soft and squishy body

The Robot’s body is made up of soft silicone rubber, so it can move over uneven terrain and resist attacks.

  • Spasming locomotion

It moves by spasming its legs which is very efficient as it does not require much energy.

  • AI-designed

Since AI has designed it, it can be optimized for walking and efficiency.

  • Versatile

Robots can do various tasks, such as exploring disaster zones, delivering packages, or even providing companionship.

The AI generated “Small, Squishy and Misshapen” robot is also small and lightweight. It will be easy to transport and to deploy it in different environments.

Overall, the AI-designed robot that spasms to walk is a very promising new technology. It has a number of unique features that make it ideal for a variety of applications. Let’s see what new innovations AI will bring in the future, till then stay connected with oreonow.

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