Android 15 Beta 1.2: A Sneak Peek at New and Exciting 15 Features

Android 15 Beta 1.2

Get ready for a glimpse into the future with Android 15. While the official release is a few months away, the Android 15 beta 1.2 program offers a taste of the exciting features brewing at Google.

Google just squashed a swarm of bugs with the surprise release of Android 15 Beta 1.2. While it might not be packed with flashy new features, this update focuses on what truly matters – stability and performance.

Here’s the deal: the first Beta version had some bumps. Apps froze sometimes, batteries drained faster than usual, and some settings crashed. Not ideal! Thankfully, Beta 1.2 tackles these issues:

  • Apps Behaving Better: No more unexpected app shutdowns! This update fixes those annoying crashes that left you staring at the “Application Not Responding” message.
  • Battery Life Boost: Say goodbye to mysterious battery drain. This update fixes a problem that was causing some phones to run out of juice quicker than usual.
  • Smoother Settings: Remember when trying to add a fingerprint made your settings app crash? Beta 1.2 fixes that, so you can manage your security settings without any hiccups.
  • Gestures Back on Track: Swiping back on your screen wasn’t always working in Beta 1. This update brings back that smooth navigation you rely on.
  • NFC Fixes: Using contactless payments or other NFC features wasn’t working perfectly in Beta 1.1. This update ensures everything runs smoothly.
  • Happy Developers: Developers play a big role in making apps for Android. Beta 1.1 had a bug that crashed their settings menu. Beta 1.2 makes sure they can tinker without any trouble.
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Features of Android 15 Beta 1.2

1. Satellite Connectivity: This groundbreaking addition allows you to connect to satellites for internet access in remote locations where traditional cellular service is unavailable.

    2. Partial Screen Sharing: No more sharing your entire screen! You can now choose to share only a specific app window, offering more privacy and control when collaborating or showcasing something specific.

    3. Enhanced Camera Controls: Photography enthusiasts rejoice! Android 15 empowers you with finer adjustments for camera settings like focus, white balance, and exposure, enabling you to capture professional-quality photos on your phone.

    4. Notification Cooldown: Say goodbye to notification overload! This feature aims to automatically silence or condense notifications from the same app, preventing your notification bar from exploding.

    5. Universal Toggle for Keyboard Vibration Control: This long-awaited feature allows you to turn on/off keyboard vibration system-wide from the Settings menu, eliminating the need to adjust it within each individual app.

    6. Bluetooth Pop-Up Dialog & Auto-On: Pairing Bluetooth devices might get easier with a pop-up dialog appearing when a compatible device is nearby. Additionally, there might be an option for auto-connecting to frequently used Bluetooth devices.

    7. Auracast Focus: This feature sounds perfect for music lovers. It allows you to share audio from your phone’s Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio stream with other Auracast-compatible devices in the vicinity, creating a surround sound-like experience.

    8. High-Quality Webcam Mode: Calling all video conferencing enthusiasts! Android 15 might introduce a high-quality webcam mode to enhance video call clarity on compatible devices.

    9. Changes for Continuity on Foldable Phones: Google is likely working on improvements for using foldable phones in split-screen or continuity mode, allowing apps to seamlessly transition between the folded and unfolded states.

    10. App Archiving Through Settings: Currently, app archiving requires third-party apps. Android 15 might bring a native option within Settings to archive unused apps, freeing up storage space.

    11. Lockscreen Widgets: Personalize your lock screen further! This feature could allow you to add widgets for quick access to frequently used apps or information directly from the lock screen.

    12. New Collapsible Volume Panel & Headphone Loud Sound Alerts: Managing audio might get a refresh with a collapsible volume panel that expands to reveal additional controls like media volume and ringer volume. Additionally, there might be alerts for potentially damaging headphone volumes.

    13. Powered Off Finding API: Finding a lost phone can be stressful. This new API would allow authorized apps to locate your device even if it’s powered off, potentially through Bluetooth or other methods.

    14. Colour Contrast Settings: This accessibility feature could enhance screen readability for users with visual impairments by adjusting colour contrasts.

    15. Private Space: While details are scarce, there have been rumours about a “Private Space” feature that might allow you to create a separate, secure space on your phone for work apps and data.

    Since Android 15 is still in development, features can change or be removed entirely based on user feedback and testing during the beta program. The final release might also include additional features not yet revealed.

    Impatient to experience Android 15 firsthand? Google’s beta program allows you to install the beta version on your Pixel device (Pixel 6 or later). However, remember that beta software can be buggy and unstable. It’s best to avoid enrolling your primary phone if you rely on it for critical tasks.

    Android 15 is expected sometime in quarter 3 of 2024. Specific features and functionalities might change based on user feedback and testing during the beta phase. Stay tuned for further updates as Google unveils more details about this exciting new iteration of the Android experience.


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