Apple Introduces the Mac Studio and Apple Silicon for Mac Pro!

Apple introduced the Mac Studio and Apple Silicon for Mac Pro, a powerful addition to Macs. These designs will be available in the market from Tuesday, June 13. 

Mac Studio has M2 Max and M2 Ulta that are said to boost the performance and connectivity of the device. In addition to that it has a compact design and is up to 6x faster than even the Intel-based 27-inch iMac that is one of the most powerful ones. Also, it is up to 3x faster than the previous Mac Studio with M1 Ultra. 

Introducing the Mac Pro with M2 Ultra

Apple’s latest chip provides unmatched performance along with PCIe expansion. Up to 3x faster than the previous Intel-based model.

Mac Studio and Mac Pro, equipped with M2 Ultra, offer up to 192GB of unified memory, surpassing even the most advanced workstation graphics cards. They can handle demanding workloads better than other systems. The new Mac Pro marks the completion of Apple’s transition to Apple silicon. Users get the most powerful and capable lineup of pro products ever offered by Apple.

Introducing the latest Mac Studio

Mac Studio is perfectly suitable for video editors, photographers, music producers, and 3D artists. It is also a great choice for businesses and organizations that need a powerful and compact Mac for their creative needs.

Check out some features of the latest Mac Studio:

Powerful performance

The M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips offer incredible performance for various creative tasks.

Versatile connectivity

The Mac Studio has a number of ports for connecting to external devices: Thunderbolt 4, USB-A, HDMI, Ethernet, and SDXC.

Compact design

The Mac Studio is a compact and space-saving machine that is perfect for any workspace.

Quiet operation

The Mac Studio is designed to operate quietly, even when under heavy load.

If you are a creative professional or business that needs a powerful and versatile Mac, the latest Mac Studio is a great option. It offers great performance, versatile connectivity, and a compact design.

Mac Studio Specifications

ChipM2 Max or M2 Ultra
Neutral Engine32-core
MemoryUp to 128GB unified
StorageUp to 8TB SSD
Ports2 Thunderbolt 4 ports2 USB-A ports1 HDMI port1 10Gb Ethernet port1 SDXC card slot1 3.5mm headphone jack
PriceM2 Max model: $1,999M2 Ultra model: $3,999
Dimensions7.7 inches (H) x 7.7 inches (W) x 3.7 inches (D)
Weight2.7 pounds
Operating SystemmacOS Monterey
Warranty1-year limited warranty

Apple Silicon for Mac Pro

Apple Silicon for Mac Pro is a line of custom-designed system-on-a-chip (SoC) processors developed by Apple for its Mac Pro line of computers. The M2 Ultra chip used in the Mac Pro is the fastest chip ever made by Apple, and it offers up to 3x faster performance than the previous-generation Intel-based model. 

The M2 Ultra chip features up to 192GB of unified memory, which is more memory than the most advanced workstation graphics cards. This allows the Mac Pro to handle even the most demanding workloads with ease.

Check out these amazing features of Apple Silicon in the Mac Pro:

Custom-made silicon

Mac Pro features Apple’s custom M2 Ultra chip, marking a transition from Intel-based processors to Apple Silicon.

Improved performance

The M2 Ultra chip in the Mac Pro offers a 24-core CPU and up to a 76-core GPU, resulting in a significant performance boost compared to the previous Intel-based Mac Pro. 

Enhanced Neural Engine

The Mac Pro have a 32-core Neural Engine. It is capable of delivering 31.6 trillion operations per second which enables advanced machine learning and AI capabilities.

Memory and storage

The Mac Pro can support up to 192GB of unified memory. It allows smooth multitasking and handling of demanding tasks. It also likely offers various storage options, including high-capacity SSDs.

PCIe Gen 4 slots

The Mac Pro provides up to 6 open PCIe Gen 4 slots. Users can expand their system with additional peripherals or high-speed storage devices.

Pro XDR display and ProRes support

The Mac Pro can accommodate up to 6 Pro XDR displays, offering exceptional color accuracy and visual quality. It can also handle up to 22 Streams of 8K ProRes.

Connectivity Enhancements

The Mac Pro features Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth version 5.3 for wireless connectivity. It offers a wide range of connectivity choices including two HDMI connections, eight Thunderbolt 4 connectors, and dual 10GB Ethernet enabling the connection of numerous devices and quick data transfers.

External rack mount support

The Mac Pro supports an external rack mount, which may be installed and integrated into business rack systems for simplified management. This mount is available separately and can be purchased.

M2 Ultra chipset: Features & Comparison

  • Crafted on Apple’s 5 nm UltraFusion architecture process.
  • Infuses two M2 Max dies connected through UltraFusion, with over 10,000 signals.
  • Achieves over 2.5TB/s of low-latency interprocessor bandwidth.
  • Features a 24-core CPU.
  • Offers up to a 76-core GPU, including 16 high-performance and 8-efficiency cores.
  • Last year’s M1 Ultra chipset had a 20-core CPU and up to a 64-core GPU.
  • Provides 800GB/s of memory bandwidth.
  • Configurable with a massive 192GB of unified memory.
FeaturesM2 ULTRAM1
CPU cores248
GPU cores1288
Unified MemoryUp to 128GB16GB
InterconnectUltraFusionM1 Max Interconnect
PerformanceSignificantly FasterFaster

Things you can do with the Mac Pro with Apple Silicon

Create professional-grade video and audio content 

The Mac Pro with Apple Silicon is a powerful machine that can handle even the most demanding video and audio editing tasks.

Run demanding applications

The Mac Pro with Apple Silicon can run even the most demanding applications, such as 3D modelling software, video editing software, and game development software.

Connect to multiple displays

The Mac Pro with Apple Silicon can support up to four external displays, which makes it ideal for creative professionals who need a large workspace.

Work with large datasets 

The Mac Pro with Apple Silicon can handle large datasets with ease, making it a great choice for data scientists and engineers.

Apple Silicon Mac Pro Specifications

ChipM1 Ultra
CPU24 core
GPUUp to 48-core
Unified MemoryUp to 192GB
StorageUp to 8TB SSD
Ports8 Thunderbolt 4 ports2 USB-A ports1 HDMI port2 10Gb Ethernet ports2 SDXC card slots
Price1TB: $70002TB: $75004TB: $85008TB: $10000
Dimensions9.5 inches (H) x 20.3 inches (W) x 20.3 inches (D)
Weight40 pounds
Operating SystemmacOS Monterey
Warranty3-year limited warranty

Mac Studio and Apple Silicon Mac Pro are both powerful desktop computers. The Mac Studio is a more compact and affordable option, while the Apple Silicon Mac Pro is a more powerful and versatile option.

John Ternus, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Hardware Engineering stated that the new Mac Studio and Mac Pro with Apple silicon are the most powerful Macs ever created. 

The M2 Max and M2 Ultra offer improved performance and connectivity, which have made the Mac Studio an excellent tool for professionals throughout the world, even better.

Additionally, the Mac Pro combines PCIe slots with Apple’s most powerful chip for users who require internal expansion. Thanks to these additions, Apple now offers the strongest and most capable lineup of pro products in its history. Stay excited about this powerful tool, till then stay connected with oreonow.

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