Apple May Release a Cheaper VR Headset Before 2026 | Vision Pro 2 Seems Far!

Apple’s foray into virtual reality with the Vision Pro has been met with mixed reactions. While lauded for its technical prowess, the high price tag has limited its appeal. This begs the question: is Apple doubling down on the premium market with a Vision Pro 2, or are they shifting gears towards a more affordable option? A cheaper VR headset maybe!

Reports suggest the wait for the Vision Pro 2 might be a long one. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman indicates Apple’s roadmap doesn’t have a second-generation model planned before late 2026. This delay hints at a potential change in strategy.

Industry insiders suggest Apple might be prioritizing a cheaper VR headset. The high cost of the Vision Pro has been a major hurdle, and Apple seems to be actively exploring ways to make VR more accessible. However, there are challenges. Reducing the cost significantly without compromising features is no easy feat. Rumours suggest a more budget-friendly version might arrive by late 2025 but with minimal upgrades compared to the current model.

Why does Apple want to produce cheaper VR headset?

1. Targeting a wider audience: High-end VR headsets can be very expensive, limiting the potential customer base. By offering cheaper options, manufacturers can attract people who wouldn’t be able to afford the premium models. This expands the VR market and increases overall sales.

2. Balancing features and affordability: Not everyone needs the absolute top-of-the-line VR experience. Cheaper headsets can target those who are interested in casual VR gaming or even basic applications like watching VR videos. These headsets may have less powerful components or simpler designs, but they can still provide a decent VR experience at a more accessible price point.

3. Competition: The VR market is becoming increasingly competitive, with several manufacturers vying for market share. Offering a range of headsets at different price points allows manufacturers to compete more effectively and cater to different customer needs.

The question of whether Apple will actually release a cheaper headset before 2026 remains unanswered. Some analysts, like Ming-Chi Kuo, even suggest Apple might have abandoned the idea altogether.

This wait-and-see approach from Apple leaves VR enthusiasts wondering. Will they have to wait years for a significant upgrade to the Vision Pro? Or will Apple surprise everyone with an affordable VR option before 2026? Only time will tell.

Here’s what we can be sure of: Apple is committed to VR. Whether they take the premium route with the Vision Pro 2 or make VR more accessible with a budget headset, Apple’s presence in the VR market is certain to have a significant impact on the industry’s future.


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