Redesigned VR Headset: Apple Vision Pro to be Redesigned Again with New Features and Designs!

The Apple Vision Pro headset is a mixed-reality headset that combines VR and AR. It was announced in June 2023 and is set to be released in early 2024. According to a recent report, Apple is said to be redesigning the Vision Pro headset. 

Apple will Redesign it in two Important Ways

Making it lighter and more comfortable to wear

The current Vision Pro headset might be rather heavy and large, which will make it difficult to use for a long period of time. According to rumours, Apple is attempting to make the headset lighter by switching to lighter materials and enhancing the design.

Making it more affordable

The current cost of the Vision Pro headset is $3,499, which is much more than that of other mixed-reality headsets available in the market. Apple is thinking about methods to lower the price of the headset, such as by utilizing less expensive parts and simplifying the design.

Along with these two changes, Apple might also be working on improving the performance of the headset and adding new features. According to reports, the company is developing a new processor that will provide the headset more power and efficiency. It is also working on new augmented reality games and experiences for the headgear.

The release date of Apple’s redesigned Vision Pro headset is unknown, although the firm is supposedly planning for 2025.

Features of Vision Pro Headset

High-resolution displays

Two extremely high-resolution displays will work together to provide a total of 23 million pixels or a 4K display for each eye. The headset would offer a very realistic and immersive visual experience.

Powerful processors

A new R1 chip and an M2 CPU will work together to handle data from 12 cameras, 5 sensors, and 6 microphones. So, the headset will have a lot of processing power for running demanding applications and games.

Eye tracking

It is rumoured to have eye-tracking capabilities. So, the users will be able to interact with the headset simply by looking at objects or menus.

Hand tracking

It may also have hand-tracking capabilities. The users can interact with the headset using their hands, with no need for controllers.

Mixed reality

The Vision Pro headset is a mixed-reality headset. So, it can display both virtual and real-world objects at the same time and users can interact with digital objects in the real world.

There are some additional features which might be available in Vision Pro Headset

  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Long battery life
  • Wide field of view
  • Various sensors to track the user’s movement and environment.

However, these are just rumours. Some of the above features might be there or might be removed before its release.

Uses of Vision Pro Headset

  • Watch movies and TV shows in a virtual cinema.
  • Play games in a virtual world.
  • Learn new skills through interactive experiences.
  • Create art and music in new and innovative ways.
  • Work on projects with colleagues from all over the world.

The Vision Pro headset is still under development and Apple has not officially announced any confirmation for this device. We know how powerful and innovative products Apple make. Let’s see how will the company improve the Vision Pro Headset, till then stay connected with oreonow.

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