Artists Sue Google Over Imagen 2 For Copywrite Infringement

Artists Sue Google

AI art generation is facing a copyright firestorm after some artists sue Google. A group of artists has filed a class-action lawsuit against Google, accusing its image generation tool, Imagen, of “massive copyright infringement.”

The lawsuit hinges on how Imagen was trained. At the heart of the issue lies LAION-400M, a massive dataset containing images scraped from the internet. The artists claim this dataset included copyrighted works, and by using it to train Imagen, Google essentially built an AI that replicates elements of their original creations without permission.

The lawsuit argues that this training process creates “derivative works” – new images that embody substantial aspects of the artists’ copyrighted works. Furthermore, it alleges that each time an image is copied during training, it constitutes a separate copyright infringement.

This isn’t the first time AI art generators have faced legal challenges. Similar lawsuits have been filed against other companies developing these tools. The outcome of this case could have significant ramifications, setting a precedent for how AI systems can be trained using copyrighted material.

If the artists prevail, it could force companies like Google to completely revamp their training methods for AI image generation. This could involve obtaining explicit consent from artists for their work to be included in training datasets, or developing new techniques that don’t rely on potentially infringing materials.

The lawsuit raises important questions about the intersection of creativity and technology. As AI art generation continues to evolve, it’s crucial to establish clear guidelines to protect artists’ intellectual property while fostering innovation in this burgeoning field.


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