Bluetooth Auto-on: New Feature in Android 15 Update by Google.

Bluetooth Auto-on

Android 15 might introduce a feature called “Bluetooth auto-on” according to the rumours. This nifty (or not-so-nifty, depending on your preference) feature would automatically turn Bluetooth back on after you turn it off. It is likely to happen that Bluetooth may never be turned off in Android 15.

Why Bluetooth auto-on Feature?

This seems connected to Google’s upcoming “Find My Device” network. This network relies on a clever trick: Bluetooth signals from nearby Android devices. So, you can find your lost phone with Bluetooth.

How does this Concept Work?

Imagine you misplace your phone. Frustrating, right? This new “Find My Device” network would use Bluetooth signals from other Android devices to help locate your lost phone, even if it’s switched off. But here’s the catch: Bluetooth needs to be on for this network to work its magic.

Since so many Android phones are out there, they can act as bloodhounds. They will detect Bluetooth Signals from lost phones. Even if your phone is switched off, these Bluetooth signals from nearby devices can still help find its location.

The more Android devices there are, the stronger and more effective this Find My Device network becomes. Moreover, Bluetooth uses less battery, making it a better choice than mobile data for this kind of network where lost phones might have low battery.

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Will Bluetooth never be turned off in Android 15?

However, this feature is based on leaks and rumours, not confirmed information. There might also be an option to disable “Bluetooth auto-on” if you prefer full control.

We’ll need to wait for the official release of Android 15 to know for sure.
In the meantime, this could be a helpful feature for finding lost phones, but it might also mean less control over your Bluetooth settings. Let’s see how this feature will play out with the official release, till then stay connected with Oreonow.

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