Brite Payments raised $60 Million from a 10-slide Presentation Pitch Deck

Brite Payment’s pitch deck is a 10-slide presentation. It lays out the problem, solution, business model, traction, financial projections, competitive landscape, and call to action of the company. A former employee of Klarna started Brite Payments, a fintech firm. The firm used a 10-slide presentation pitch deck and raised $60 million.

Lena Hackelöer, founder of Brite Payments, came up with the idea for Brite Payments and represented the pitch deck to investors. Using Open Banking technologies, she felt a chance to present a faster, cheaper, and more secure method of making payments online. According to her, Open Banking had the ability to completely change the world of online payments and he wanted to lead this movement.  

Lena Hackelöer organized a team of skilled entrepreneurs and fintech experts to help him in developing Brite Payments. The team has expertise in developing and expanding successful companies. Brite Payments received $60 million in funding till now. The business has the potential to take the top spot among Open Banking payment service providers all over the world.

Brite Payments’ 10 slides for the Pitch Deck

There are in total 10 slides: Title, Problem, Solution, Market Opportunity, Business Model, Team, Traction, Financial Projects, Competitive Landscapes, and Call to Action. Let’s check how these slides will represent Brite Payment’s deal.

Slide 1: Title slide
Slide 2: Problem

The presentation describes the problem that Brite Payments addresses: the disorganized, costly, and slow quality of the existing online payment system. Using Open Banking technologies, Brite Payments provides a faster, cheaper, and more secure method to make payments online.

Slide 3: Solution

Brite Payments has set up a direct bank-to-bank payment system that allows customers to purchase products online through their bank accounts. There will be no charges for the payments. 

Slide 4: Market opportunity

Brite Payments has a significant and growing market potential. By 2027, the global e-commerce sector is expected to reach $5.5 trillion. The Open Banking is quickly gaining popularity globally.

Slide 5: Business model

Brite Payments charges an affordable cost to businesses for each transaction and makes money. The company aims to provide more services like risk analysis and fraud protection.

Slide 6: Team

The slide includes the Brite Payments team: experienced entrepreneurs and fintech professionals. The team has expertise in developing and expanding successful companies.

Slide 7: Traction

This slide will show Brite Payments’ traction to date. The company has made over $1 billion in transactions and has partnered with leading businesses and banks.

Slide 8: Financial projections

There are Brite Payments’ financial projections in this slide for the next five years. Rumours say that it will generate significant revenue and profitability.

Slide 9: Competitive landscape

The slide shows the competitive environment for Brite Payments. Brite Payments considers that it has a number of advantages over its rivals, such as its emphasis on merchants, its potent staff, and its cutting-edge technology.

Slide 10: Call to action

The slide calls on investors to fund in Brite Payments. The company believes that it will become the leading provider of Open Banking payments in the future all over the world.

How Brite Payment Raised $60 Million?

Brite Payment’s pitch deck is convincing and well-written. The problem that the company handles, its solution and its business model along with the traction, financial outlook, and market position are all clearly stated in the deck. 

The pitch deck is also impressive because of its simplicity. The deck is simple and straightforward, unlike those lengthy decks. 

Overall, Brite Payments’ pitch deck is a great example of how to create a clear, concise, and persuasive presentation for investors. Let’s see how this change will evolve in the future, till then stay connected with oreonow.

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