Dead Future! How Will Heat end life on Earth? – Geoscience Study

Scientist Alexander Farnsworth and his colleagues at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom recently discovered a theory that extreme heat is likely to wipe out life on the planet in about 250 million years. They named this theory DEAD FUTURE and published this theory in the journal Nature Geoscience. 

The team used computer models and performed simulations in order to predict how Earth’s climate will change over the next 250 million years. The experiment showed that Earth’s temperature will rise due to the Bright sun, an increase in carbon dioxide, and a change in the geography of the continents. The temperature will rise to an extreme level which will not be compatible for human life and the life of other animals. Not even a single human will be able to survive that heat.

The researchers found that by 250 million years, every part of the earth’s surface will become too hot for mammals. In fact, the only mammals who might survive would be those who will be able to adapt to the extreme environment like bats and rodents.

What are the causes of Dead Future?

Climate Change

Climate change is the biggest danger to our planet. The temperature of the planet will rise by several degrees greenhouse gas emissions will lead to a rise in sea levels, more extreme weather and mass extinctions.

Environmental Destruction

Humans are polluting the environment, cutting trees, depleting the soil and destroying the planet’s natural resources. It will make the survival of future generations impossible.

Nuclear War

Nuclear War is a big cause for “dead future”. It could kill millions of people and leave the planet unhabitable for centuries. 


A pandemic could kill millions of people disrupting global society.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a powerful tool that could be used to create weapons that could finish life on Earth.

How to prevent a Dead Future?

  • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions
  • Protect our forests and other natural ecosystems.
  • Develop sustainable agriculture practices.
  • Reduce our consumption of resources.
  • Support policies that address climate change.
  • Switch to renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind power.
  • Improve energy efficiency in our homes and businesses.
  • Drive less and walk, bike, or take public transportation more often.
  • Eat less meat and more plant-based foods

What if the climate change becomes irreversible? Prepare for the possibility of a Dead Future

It is also important for humans to be prepared for the possibility of a Dead Future.

  • Learn how to grow your own food and raise animals.
  • Invest in renewable energy sources, such as solar panels and wind turbines.
  • Build a community of people who are prepared to work together to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Develop skills that will be useful in a survival situation, such as first aid, carpentry, and mechanics.
  • Stay alert about the latest climate.

However, these theories are based on computer programs and it is completely uncertain what will happen in the next 250 million years. However, the study gives a warning for the potential consequences. 

The future is not set in stone. We still have power and time to create a better future for everyone and prevent a Dead Future. Stay connected with Oreonow.

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