Demeo Leads the Way for AR/VR Gaming on Apple Vision Pro

Noticeably missing from Apple’s presentation of the Vision Pro was any mention of AR gaming. Despite its ability to support over 100 Mac and iOS-compatible games through Apple Arcade, it merely functions as a sizable virtual display, with no reference to potential augmented reality gaming experiences.

Demeo is the most popular role-playing game (RPG) that was initially released for the Oculus Quest in 2021. It has been praised for its immersive gameplay and social features, which has been downloaded over 1 million times. Resolution Games, the creator of Demeo, has announced its intention to adapt the game for the Apple Vision Pro, marking Demeo as the initiation Apple AR/VR game accessible for the innovative headset. Demeo aligns seamlessly with the Apple Vision Pro.

Its tabletop setting lends itself well to a mixed-reality encounter, and the game’s social functionalities will enable players to engage in a fresh and immersive manner. The launch of Demeo for the Apple Vision Pro marks a significant achievement in the AR/VR gaming sector. It signifies the evolution of technology and a burgeoning appetite for AR/VR games. I’m eagerly anticipating the forthcoming titles designed for the Apple Vision Pro.

New features of Demeo

The Apple Vision Pro is a mixed-reality headset that relies on controller-free hand-tracking for most of its operations. This means that players can interact with the game world by using their hands, without having to use any controllers. The Vision Pro lacks a built-in VR mode, making it impossible to play VR games on the headset without making certain adjustments.

Resolution Games has devised a method to enable Demeo to be played in a software-generated VR mode on the Vision Pro. This approach omits the utilization of Apple’s Vision Pro’s passthrough cameras and instead relies on software to create a virtual reality setting. This technique could be a game-changer for the Vision Pro, as it could potentially allow developers to port VR games to the AR-only system.

However, Resolution Games believes that Demeo is best enjoyed in mixed reality mode, where players can interact with the real world and the virtual world simultaneously. Paul Brady, co-founder and President of Resolution Games expressed that “the interplay between the physical and the virtual is what genuinely adds enchantment to mixed reality.”

He is of the opinion that advancements in hand-tracking have not only made a controller-free future feasible but also highly enticing. According to him, we are swiftly approaching an era where our bodies serve as significantly more efficient controllers compared to handheld plastic devices.

Some additional details about the new features of Demeo

Demeo’s latest features promise an exciting evolution in immersive gaming. These enhancements include support for mixed reality mode on the Apple Vision Pro, allowing players to blend the game with their real surroundings.

Additionally, the integration of controller-free hand-tracking and voice chat amplifies the social aspect, creating a truly captivating experience. Here are some additional details about the new features of Demeo that will be essential for the Apple Vision Pro:

● Hand tracking: As the Vision Pro heavily depends on hand-tracking without physical controllers, it’s crucial for Demeo to offer compatibility with hand gestures. These new attributes will enhance the ease with which players can engage with the in-game environment using their hands, encompassing actions like item retrieval, spellcasting, and battling foes.

● Mixed reality mode: Demeo will provide support for a mixed reality mode on the Vision Pro, permitting players to maintain visibility of their actual surroundings while immersed in the game. This feature can prove advantageous for tasks such as referencing the map or engaging with objects in the physical world.

● Social features: Demeo is a socially-oriented game specifically crafted for group play with friends. The enhanced features will streamline player interactions, including voice chat and gestures, fostering a more immersive and captivating gaming experience among participants.

Demeo’s latest features

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