Google Pixel Fold 2 Design Leaked – New Camera Bar and More

Google Pixel Fold 2

The foldable phone market is growing rapidly. Google is rumoured to be making another run with the Google Pixel Fold 2. However, from the leaks, we can assume that the Pixel Fold 2 will have a significantly different design than the original Pixel Fold. According to recent rumours, the original model has seen a significant change, which might create issues for fans of foldable phones.

What’s New in Google Pixel Fold 2?

New Camera Bar: 

One of the most striking changes is the removal of the iconic Google Pixel camera bar. The leaked image shows a completely new camera bar on the back, which resembles the design of the OnePlus Open. This change signifies a potential break from Google’s established design identity for its Pixel line.

A New Display Dynamic:

There is also a change to the front display. Leaks point to an inner display with a more square aspect ratio and a cover screen that is narrower than the original Fold. When unfurled, this might provide a bigger surface area for multitasking and a more comfortable, “phone-like” experience when folded.

Internal Camera Cutout: 

The original Pixel Fold cleverly hid its inner camera within the bezel. However, the Fold 2 seems to be using the under-display camera trend with a cutout in the top right corner of the inner display. This could improve screen real estate but might raise issues about image quality and visibility.

Performance Boost: 

The leaks don’t reveal much about the internal hardware. But, rumours suggest the Fold 2 might skip a generation and utilize the upcoming Tensor G4 chip, paired with a hefty 16GB of RAM. This could translate to a significant performance upgrade compared to the first Fold.

Google Pixel Fold 2 Design Leaked

Note that these are just leaks and rumours, and the final design of Google Pixel Fold 2 could be different.

Google hasn’t officially confirmed any details about the Pixel Fold 2, so take everything with a grain of salt. It is certain that Google is possibly making a big move in the foldable phone industry with the Pixel Fold 2. While not everyone may like the design, it shows that the creators are open to trying new things and being creative. 

It remains to be seen if this risk pays off. But the Pixel Fold 2 is definitely becoming a fascinating addition to the foldable phone market. Let’s wait for the official release of Google Pixel Fold 2, till then stay connected with Oreonow.

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