How to get around Netflix password-sharing crackdown in 2023?

In a surprising move, Netflix has initiated its crackdown on password sharing in the United States.

Many users were taken aback when they received emails on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, revealing that they would now be required to fork over an extra $7.99 per month for each additional user outside their household. Users who stream on the go must log in from their primary address every 31 days.

Netflix now allows an account to be used only by members of one household who share the same internet connection. If they want to add extra members to their account, they will have to pay an additional fee of $7.99 per month. Insane right?

But do you know what’s public’s reaction to it is?

The reaction of Netflix’s existing subscribers

Nearly 100 million users were streaming Netflix via borrowed accounts. Netflix has been anticipating this move for months so they knew exactly what they were doing.

 Analysts, like Rich Greenfield from LightShed Partners, suggest that initial discontent tends to fade when Netflix releases compelling content that viewers can’t resist. This pattern has historically led to increased subscription numbers. 

In a survey conducted by, it was found that about 40 percent of respondents had no intention of altering their subscription habits, while 30 percent planned to explore family or group plans. However, 15 percent expressed their intent to cancel or leave Netflix altogether. It’s important to note that only subscribers of the “Standard” or “Premium” plans, priced at $15.49 and $19.99 per month respectively, will have the option to pay for additional users. Those with the ad-supported “Basic” plan at $6.99 or the $9.99 per month plan will not have this option unless they upgrade.

The evolving dynamics surrounding password sharing on Netflix continue to pique interest and prompt discussions about the future of streaming.

Why is Netflix cracking down on password sharing?

Netflix is cracking down on password sharing for a number of reasons. First, the company estimates that about 100 million people globally are using the service for free, with 30 million of those located in the U.S. and Canada. This means that Netflix is losing out on a significant amount of revenue. 

Second, password sharing is becoming increasingly common as more people cut the cord and move to streaming services. This is putting pressure on Netflix’s bottom line.

How will Netflix crack down on password sharing?

Netflix has not yet released any official details about how it will crack down on password sharing. However, the company has said that it will use a combination of technical and non-technical measures. Technical measures could include using IP addresses to track users’ locations and sending notifications to users who are logging in from outside their home network. Non-technical measures could include requiring users to verify their identities when they log in.

How to get around Netflix’s password-sharing crackdown?

As the battle between Netflix and password-sharing enthusiasts unfolds, innovative strategies have emerged in an effort to outsmart the streaming giant.

One popular approach is the utilization of virtual private networks (VPNs) to conceal one’s true location. By rerouting internet traffic through servers located in different regions, VPNs allow users to bypass Netflix’s geographical restrictions, making it appear as though they are accessing the platform from an authorized region. 

However, as Netflix tightens its security measures, VPNs might face increasing challenges in evading detection.

Another strategy gaining traction is the creation of fresh Netflix accounts using alternative email addresses. By dissociating from the previous account used for password sharing, users hope to avoid detection by Netflix’s monitoring systems. 

This method offers a semblance of anonymity, granting access to the streaming paradise without raising any red flags.

While these countermeasures provide temporary relief for password-sharing enthusiasts, Netflix’s determination to combat unauthorized access remains a formidable challenge. The company consistently develops new techniques to identify and block such attempts, making it an ongoing cat-and-mouse game between Netflix and its users.

Netflix’s password-sharing crackdown serves as a pivotal moment in the streaming landscape, signaling the industry’s evolution and adaptation to changing consumer behaviors. It remains to be seen how effective these measures will be in curbing password sharing and ultimately driving revenue growth for the streaming giant. As the battle unfolds, users must remain vigilant, ever-resourceful, and perhaps even a touch audacious in their quest to preserve their cherished Netflix privileges.

On The Bottom Note

Over the past year, Netflix has been hinting at its intention to crack down on the long-standing tradition of password sharing among family and friends. Just when it seemed like Netflix had made a firm decision to change its policy, they surprised us all by reversing course. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions for Netflix users!

However, don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet. Netflix is currently testing a pilot program in Latin America that could potentially become the new standard. This program involves closely monitoring logins on a home WiFi network or implementing a fee for additional account members. The fate of Netflix password sharing is still up in the air, and the streaming giant seems determined to find a solution.

Now, we want to hear from you! How do you feel about these possible new rules for Netflix password sharing? 

Will you stick with Netflix or consider canceling your account? 

Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. We’re eager to hear your take on this ongoing saga. 

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