Is ChatGPT Plus Better than Gemini Advanced and Copilot Pro?

ChatGPT Plus

In the world of artificial intelligence, OpenAI was one of the pioneers with its chatbot, ChatGPT. However, Google and Microsoft quickly joined the race, introducing their AI platforms. Now, ChatGPT Plus, Gemini Advanced, and Copilot Pro are among the leading AI platforms.

After trying all three platforms, I noticed distinct features that make each one suitable for different needs. Gemini excelled at creating content right from the start, while Copilot was faster and offered more in its free version. ChatGPT Plus, however, lacked integration into productivity apps like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. Despite this, ChatGPT’s longer history provided it with some clear advantages.

The best AI subscription depends on your specific needs. However, ChatGPT’s longer history gives it an edge in several key areas:

First for New Features: ChatGPT had a head start in the AI race, launching before Copilot and Gemini. This early start allowed ChatGPT to introduce new features ahead of its competitors. For example, ChatGPT Plus gained access to GPT-4 Turbo in March 2023, while Copilot only got access to it after Microsoft launched the Pro subscription in January 2024. This advantage in feature releases showcases ChatGPT’s agility and innovation in the AI space.

Art Capabilities: ChatGPT Plus includes access to DALL-E, an image generation model, in addition to its text generation capabilities. This means that users can not only generate text but also create images using the same platform. In contrast, Gemini Advanced does not generate images of people, and Google’s AI does not create graphics with both images and text. This gives ChatGPT Plus a unique advantage in offering a more comprehensive creative toolset to its users.

Refusal to Copy Artists’ Style: ChatGPT Plus has a policy of not directly replicating an artist’s style. This is an ethical stance that respects the originality and creativity of artists. While users can still describe an artist’s style to the AI, ChatGPT Plus aims to create conceptual pieces inspired by the essence of the artist’s style rather than direct copies. This ethical approach sets ChatGPT Plus apart from Gemini Advanced and Copilot Pro, which are willing to replicate specific artist styles.

Data Privacy: ChatGPT Plus offers a higher level of data privacy compared to its competitors. It automatically deletes chat data every 30 days, ensuring that user interactions are not stored indefinitely. This feature enhances user privacy and security, making ChatGPT Plus a more attractive option for users concerned about data privacy. In contrast, Gemini Advanced retains some data for up to three years, potentially raising privacy concerns for users.

Variety of GPTs and Extensions: ChatGPT offers a wide range of different GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) tailored to specific tasks. These variations allow users to use the AI in different ways, such as conducting research or building code. Additionally, ChatGPT powers several extensions that integrate AI into third-party apps, enhancing its functionality and versatility. This variety of GPTs and extensions provides users with more options and capabilities compared to Gemini Advanced and Copilot Pro.

Writing Quality: ChatGPT Plus’ writing is more refined compared to Copilot Pro, but not as concise as Gemini Advanced. This means that ChatGPT Plus produces more polished and coherent text compared to Copilot Pro, which may feel more like a first draft. However, Gemini Advanced’s writing is cleaner, with less passive voice and more descriptive language, potentially making it more appealing for certain types of writing tasks.

Generosity of Suggestions: ChatGPT Plus tends to provide more suggestions and advice compared to its competitors. This means that users may receive more comprehensive and varied responses when seeking advice or ideas from ChatGPT Plus. This generosity in providing suggestions can be beneficial for users looking for creative inspiration or guidance in their work.

Ad-Free Experience: ChatGPT Plus does not have built-in ads, providing users with an ad-free experience. In contrast, Copilot Pro integrates ads into almost every response, which may be distracting or disruptive for users. This ad-free experience enhances the user experience with ChatGPT Plus, making it a more pleasant and efficient tool for AI-powered interactions.

In conclusion, the best AI chatbot depends on what you need it for. ChatGPT Plus offers several advantages due to its longer history and variety of features, making it a strong contender in the AI race.


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