Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft Collaborate to Deploy ChatGPT AI Technology in 900,000 US Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft are partnering to test ChatGPT AI language model in-car technology in more than 900,000 vehicles in the United States. The technology is aimed at making the digital voice assistant in cars “even more intuitive”. Exciting right?

Through a collaboration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Mercedes-Benz aims to enhance the in-car digital voice assistant, “Hey Mercedes”, providing drivers with a more intuitive and conversational experience. Just like it is with voice assistants on our smartphones. 

Drivers will be able to interact with their cars more smoothly and conversationally. For example, they will be able to ask Hey Mercedes questions about the weather, directions, or even their calendar. It will be like driving with an assistant. 

The beta program for the ChatGPT integration will begin on Friday, June 17th. Mercedes-Benz will select a group of customers to participate in the program, and their feedback will be used to further develop the technology.

This is the first time that ChatGPT has been used in a vehicle. If the beta program is successful, Mercedes-Benz could roll out the technology to more vehicles in the future.

Which Mercedes-Benz Models Will Feature ChatGPT AI Technology?

Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft’s ChatGPT AI technology will be introduced to specific models within the A, C, H, N, R, S, V, W, and X Class ranges

With this innovative feature, drivers will enjoy a more natural interaction with their cars, enabling hands-free operation and access to a wealth of information and control. 

This exciting collaboration represents another step forward in the advancement of AI-powered technology in the automotive industry.  This innovative integration transforms the driving experience into a personalized journey accompanied by a virtual assistant, making every drive feel effortless and connected.

ChatGPT Enhances Natural Language Understanding in Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz’s integration of ChatGPT AI technology takes the in-car voice control experience to new heights by upgrading its natural language understanding capabilities. 

Up until now voice assistants are often confined to predefined tasks and limited responses, ChatGPT’s incorporation into Mercedes-Benz vehicles transcends these limitations. Leveraging its extensive language model, ChatGPT brings a broader range of topics and enhanced comprehension capabilities to the Hey Mercedes voice assistant. 

This exciting innovation allows drivers to engage in more dynamic and fluid conversations with their cars, opening up a world of possibilities for intuitive and comprehensive interactions while on the road.

Three Months Trial For User Feedback

Mercedes-Benz and Microsoft’s partnership to test ChatGPT AI technology in their vehicles is not only an exciting advancement but also a collaborative effort that values user feedback. The trial period, spanning three months, will serve as a crucial phase in determining the integration of ChatGPT in future Mercedes-Benz vehicles and in-car systems. 

Eric Boyd, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for AI Platforms, emphasized the significance of user feedback in a blog post, stating that Mercedes-Benz customers have the opportunity to be early adopters of this latest technology. 

The aim? To refine and enhance the MBUX voice assistant, creating an experience that truly resonates with the one behind the steering. With the objective of further enhancing its MBUX voice assistant, Mercedes-Benz will consider incorporating ChatGPT technology into future iterations based on the valuable input received from drivers.

Capabilities of Generative AI

Generative AI, of which ChatGPT has become a prominent example, has gained significant momentum in recent times. This technology has the capacity to produce diverse types of data, ranging from audio, code, images, text, simulations, and 3D objects, to videos.

This has elevated the creativity and versatility of AI in business operations, with ChatGPT’s human-like text generation across diverse topics illuminating its immense potential and unlocking novel applications and possibilities. 

A study at the University of California has declared that when asked medical queries it has proven to be “more accurate and empathically than doctors”! Want to know more about it? Here’s how Google’s Lens can be used to identify skin conditions

What else can it do?

Hey Mercedes, an impressive digital voice assistant developed by Mercedes-Benz, offers a range of convenient features and functionalities to enhance your driving experience. 

Here’s what Hey Mercedes can do for you:

  • Navigation: You can ask Hey Mercedes to provide directions, find nearby points of interest, or guide you to your destination using the built-in navigation system.
  • Calls: With Hey Mercedes, you can make hands-free phone calls by simply providing voice commands, allowing you to stay connected while keeping your focus on the road.
  • In-car climate: Hey Mercedes enables you to adjust the temperature, fan speed, and other climate control settings in your car using natural voice commands.
  • Ambient lighting: By interacting with Hey Mercedes, you can customize the ambient lighting inside your vehicle to create a personalized and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Media controls: Hey Mercedes lets you control various media functions, such as playing music, changing radio stations, or selecting your preferred audio source, using voice commands.
  • Driver assistance: Hey Mercedes can provide information about driver assistance features, such as adaptive cruise control or lane keeping assist, and help you activate or adjust them as needed.
  • General inquiries: You can ask Hey Mercedes for motor data, fuel consumption details, or the next service schedule of your vehicle. Additionally, Hey Mercedes is programmed to answer fun questions and engage in light-hearted conversations.

Moreover, there’s an exciting hidden feature! By pressing and holding the voice command button on the steering wheel, you can activate the voice assistant on your connected smartphone, be it Siri on Apple’s iOS or Google Assistant on Android. This functionality allows you to control your car through voice commands, even without the need for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Let’s Talk About Investments

Investors have invested over $4.2 billion into generative AI start-ups through 215 deals in 2021 and 2022, reflecting the soaring interest in this technology. 

Microsoft’s long-term partnership with OpenAI has also seen significant investment, with $1 billion in 2019 and a reported multibillion-dollar investment worth $10 billion in January, cementing their commitment to driving innovation in generative AI. The funding surge and Microsoft’s support highlight the immense potential and transformative impact of this technology.

Mercedes-Benz is actively considering the development of a ChatGPT plug-in ecosystem, which could enable integration with third-party services. This potential expansion highlights the brand’s commitment to exploring innovative avenues and expanding the capabilities of its voice assistant technology. 

Data protection remains a main concern for Mercedes-Benz. The company emphasizes its dedication to maintaining customer privacy, ensuring transparency in data collection practices, and safeguarding against any form of manipulation or misuse. 

With a focus on customer trust and security, Mercedes-Benz aims to deliver a seamless and secure user experience.

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