Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Gets One UI 6.0 Beta Update – Check Out New Features!

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is Samsung’s latest foldable smartphone having a powerful processor, a brighter display, and a better camera system. The company has already released two One UI 6.0 beta updates for the device.

Samsung released the second One UI 6.0 beta update for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 on 7 October 2023. It has a firmware version F946BXXU1ZWJ3. One UI 6.0 includes a number of other improvements like improved battery life and bug fixes.

Check Out the Changes One UI 6.0 beta update brought in Galaxy Z Fold 5

Improved battery life

Samsung has made a number of changes to improve the battery life:

  • Improved power management
  • More efficient display
  • Better battery optimization

Samsung has also added new battery-saving features like “Adaptive Battery” and “Battery Saver Plus”.

Bug fixes

The update fixes a number of known bugs:

  • Random crashes with the Camera app
  • System apps crashing
  • Shortcuts disappearing from the home screen
  • Incorrect app icons and glitches with the user interface

Security patch

The update includes the October 2023 security patch which fixes a number of vulnerabilities in Android like:

  • Critical security patch
  • High-security patches
  • Medium security patches
  • Low-security patches

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If you’re already a member of the One UI 6.0 beta program, then you can get the update on your Galaxy Z Fold 5 by going to

Settings > Software update > Download and install

If you are not a member yet, then you may register via the Samsung Members app.

One UI 6.0 beta update Features

Redesigned Quick Settings

Larger icons and a new style are in the Quick Settings window. A new “Smart View” function on the panel enables you to operate your TV or other devices right from the Quick Settings panel.

New widgets

A variety of new widgets are included in One UI 6.0, including a weather widget that displays more information, a dynamic widget that varies based on the weather, and a custom camera widget that enables you to access a particular camera setting right from the home screen.

Improved camera app

One UI 6.0’s camera app has been enhanced with new features, including an object eraser tool, a remastered portrait effect, and additional watermark customization possibilities.

The Gallery app in One UI 6.0 has a new info icon that displays all the information about a photo or video and the option to copy adjustments from one photo and apply them to another.

Improved performance and battery life

One UI 6.0 has been optimized for performance and battery life. Users can experience faster app launch times and improved battery life.

One UI 6.0 also includes a number of other improvements, like a new notification system, a new dark mode, and more customization options.

Note: This beta program is for testing purposes only and it should not be used on a daily basis. 

Overall, the One UI 6.0 beta update is a significant improvement which includes a number of new features and improvements. It makes it a more powerful and user-friendly operating system. Let’s see what new feature will samsung bring in the future, till then stay connected with oreonow.

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