The Controversy Behind “What Jennifer Did” and AI Images – Netflix

What Jennifer Did

We all love a good detective story on Netflix, but a new documentary called “What Jennifer Did” might be using some tricks that aren’t so cool. It is under fire for possibly using fake photos made with fancy computer programs.

People are saying the documentary might be using fake photos made by computers instead of real pictures. Viewers spotted some strange things in the pictures, like hands with missing fingers and weirdly stretched faces. These are signs that the photos might not be real but created by artificial intelligence (AI).

This is a big deal because documentaries show us what happened. If the photos are fake, it’s hard to know what to believe! This has folks upset because documentaries are supposed to be true stories. Faking photos makes it hard to trust what you’re seeing.

Imagine watching a mystery show where the clues are made up – it wouldn’t be much fun, right? That’s kind of what some people are saying about “What Jennifer Did.”

Netflix hasn’t commented on the accusations yet, but the whole thing has sparked a debate. Is it okay to use a little AI magic to make old photos look better in a documentary? Or does it cross a line and turn truth into fiction?


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