The Jurny Experience: A New Way to Invest in Travel Accommodations


Are you looking for a unique investment opportunity that combines travel and technology? Jurny, a company revolutionizing the way people stay when they travel, is now offering a chance for you to invest in their growth through equity crowdfunding on StartEngine.

Jurny is all about making travel accommodations easy and hassle-free. They provide fully furnished apartments and homes for short-term stays, making it convenient for travellers to find a comfortable place to stay. But what sets Jurny apart is their innovative approach to property management.

With Jurny, property owners can earn income from their properties without having to deal with day-to-day management. Jurny handles everything, from guest bookings to cleaning services, using smart home technology to ensure a seamless experience for guests and property owners.

Reasons to Invest in Jurny

  1. The Hospitality industry spends $355B per year on labour costs alone. Jurny’s AI property management solution solves this.
  1. Jurny is growing, with $2.2M in booked ARR, a 5x increase in customer base in the last 9 months of 2023 and 3000+ units, with features in Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, & Forbes.
  1. Jurny has an exceptional leadership team and a top-tier investor base, with $5.5M in seed funding from top VCs, including Mucker Capital, Okapi VC, Vitalize VC, Singularity Capital, SaaS VC and nearly 1,000 individual investors.

Investing in Jurny not only supports its mission to redefine travel accommodations but also gives you a stake in its success. As a Jurny investor, you can potentially earn returns as the company grows and expands its services.

Source: Jurny


MIN INVEST $499.10

How to invest in Jurny?

Visit the StartEngine Website: Go to the StartEngine website and navigate to the Jurny offering page: Jurny Offering Page on StartEngine.

Create an Account: If you don’t already have one, you’ll need to create an account on StartEngine. This will allow you to invest in Jurny and track your investment.

Review the Offering Details: On the Jurny offering page, you’ll find details about the investment opportunity, including the minimum investment amount, the valuation of the company, and any perks or bonuses for investors.

Invest: Once you’re ready to invest, click the “Invest Now” button on the Jurny offering page. Enter the amount you want to invest and follow the prompts to complete your investment.

Complete the Investment Process: You may need to provide some additional information, such as your contact details and payment information, to complete the investment process. Follow the instructions provided by StartEngine to finalise your investment.

Track Your Investment: After completing your investment, you can track its progress on the StartEngine website. You’ll also receive updates from Jurny about their progress and any developments related to your investment.

Enjoy Potential Returns: As Jurny grows and succeeds, there’s potential for you to earn returns on your investment. Keep an eye on updates from Jurny and StartEngine to stay informed about your investment.

Investing in Jurny through StartEngine is a great way to support a company that’s reshaping the travel accommodations industry. 

If you’re interested in investing in a company that’s changing the way people stay when they travel, consider investing in Jurny through their equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine. Join the journey with Jurny and be a part of the future of travel accommodations.


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