Why “Made in India” iPhone 15 is Expensive in India?

Apple launched its iPhone 15 Series on September 12, 2023, in California. Pre-bookings for it started on 15 September.

iPhone 15 was manufactured in India this year. That’s why Netizens made some speculations that the price of iPhone 15 may be less expensive this time. But as soon as Apple revealed the prices, the Indian users were left disappointed. iPhone 15 costs more in India than in almost every country.

Check how iPhone 15 Prices vary in different countries:

CountryiPhone 15iPhone 15 PlusiPhone 15 ProiPhone 15 Pro Max
India ₹79,900₹89,900₹1,34,900₹1,59,900
USA799 USD (66,208 INR)899 USD (74,495 INR)999 USD (82,781 INR)1199 USD (99,534 INR)
UK799 Pounds (82,770 INR)899 Pounds (93,129 INR)999 Pounds (1,03,488 INR)1199 Pounds (1,24,206 INR)
DubaiAED 3399 (76,687 INR)AED 3799 (85,712 INR)AED 4299 (96,993 INR)AED 5099 (1,15,043 INR)
ChinaRMB 5999 (69,124 INR)RMB 6999 (80646 INR)RMB 7999 (92,169 INR)RMB 9999 (1,15,214 INR)
VietnamVND 22,999,000 (79,047 INR)VND 25,999,000 (89,358 INR)VND 28,999,000 (99,669 INR)VND 34,999,000 (1,20,290 INR)
Thailand฿32,900 (76,472 INR)฿37,900 (88,094 INR)฿41,900 (97,392 INR)฿48,900 (1,13,662 INR)
Japan¥129,800 (79,900 INR)¥149,800 (92,594 INR)¥184,800 (114,861)¥234,800 (146,178 INR)
Canada$899 (74,495 INR)$999 (82,781 INR)$1099 (91,071 INR)$1299 (1,07,360 INR)
Australia$1299 (107,980 INR)$1399 (116,782 INR)$1499 (125,584 INR)$1699 (141,980 INR)

Here you can see that the iPhone 15 is significantly cheaper in the USA, UK, and Dubai than it is in India. It is also slightly cheaper in China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan.

Many smartphones are being manufactured in India, turning it into a Global Hub for manufacturing smartphones which gives a number of perks to consumers here. But Apple is avoiding one perk which is passing the benefits to the consumers.

In fact, the Indian government has been planning on reducing the prices of iPhones in India which is seen nowhere till now. Seems like Indians will still have to wait for the government to bring a change.

Video Credit- https://www.youtube.com/@indiatoday

Apple needs to answer these Questions

Why Indians are not receiving any perks of iPhone 15 even after being ‘Made in India’?

Why after paying a hefty price Indians still didn’t get access to some of its services like News+, Fitness+, and Apple Pay?

Why are Indian customers not able to upgrade their iPhones every year? And if they sell the previous generation to buy a new one they will get only Rs. 60,000. Isn’t that too expensive?

Why the Apple Card and its accompanying savings account features in the iPhone is not there in the Indian Market?

Why does Apple offer fewer features of Apple Maps and Siri to Indian Customers like the SOS Emergency feature?

Indian customers have been paying a hefty price to buy iPhones but still not getting the same perks as of people from other countries.

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