YouTube unveils new AI-power tools: Dream Screen, YouTube Create, and more

YouTube is a large platform to learn new things, get entertainment, reach a wide audience, and a great way to connect with others. It is the second most visited website in the world with 2.5 billion monthly active users. Now, YouTube unveils new AI-power tools.

On September 21, 2023, YouTube unveiled new AI-powered tools that will help creators make videos and reach a wider audience. 

YouTube’s CEO Neal Mohan said “We want to make it easier for everyone to feel like they can create, and we believe generative AI will make that possible, AI will enable people to push the boundaries of creative expression by making the difficult things simple” in YouTube product event. He added that YouTube is working to make “these powerful tools” accessible to everyone.

YouTube’s new AI-powered tools

Dream Screen

Dream Screen of YouTube is a new feature that will allow creators to add AI-generated images or video backgrounds to their verticle video. You just need to type your idea for a background in the beginning and the rest is in the hands of the platform. 

Check out these features of Dream Team:

  • AI-generated backgrounds:

Dream Screen will use AI to create a realistic and appealing verticle video. 

  • Custom backgrounds:

Creators can customize the backgrounds for their videos according to them. They can select colour, style, and level of detail as they want.

  • Easy to use

Creators with no experience can easily use Dream Screen.

Dream Screen is a powerful tool and it will be used to create different kinds of effects, with its help creators can enhance their videos.

YouTube Create

YouTube Create is specially designed to help creators to edit and upload their videos easily. It is currently available in beta and is expected to be released this year.

Check out these features of YouTube Create

  • AI-powered transcription

YouTube Create will be helpful in adding subtitles to videos or creating transcripts for views. It can easily transcribe your videos into text.

  • AI-powered translation

It can automatically translate videos into different languages to make it easy to reach a wider audience.

  • AI-powered subtitle generation

This will generate subtitles for videos automatically. Audiences who can’t hear or who don’t speak the language in which the video is made will love this feature.

  • Video editing tools

There will be various tools in it like trimming, cropping, and adding transitions. There won’t be any need to edit videos in a separate app if you are using YouTube Create.

  • Upload tools

This tool will help to easily upload a video on YouTube whether you are using a phone, computer, or cloud storage.

YouTube Create is a very innovative tool that can help creators save time and effort while editing and uploading videos. 

YouTube also announced a few more AI-powered features which are currently developing

AI-powered dubbing

This tool will help creators translate their videos into other languages without recording the audio again.

AI-powered video editing

Creators can edit their videos more quickly and easily using features like trimming footage, adding transitions, and correcting colors.

AI-powered insights

This tool will give creators data and information about their audience and their videos. This information can help in creating more interactive content and grow their channel.

YouTube is using AI to help creators make better videos and reach a wider audience. These AI-powered tools will have a positive impact. However, we need to wait for their official release to know more about it. Till then stay connected with oreonow.

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