AI has created an ‘unbeatable’ Starfield Ships

 A player named Morfalath on the r/Starfield subreddit created an “unbeatable” ship by using the game’s ship builder. The ship is a three-dimensional hollow cube, with the cockpit situated on one of the corners and four turrets facing in various directions. It will be used by the user in battle, allowing enemy fire to pass through the open area and confusing any space pirates.

What is a Starfield ship?

A Starfield ship is a spacecraft that players can use to travel between planets and systems in the game Starfield. In Starfield, players can customise their ships by selecting from a selection of hulls, engines, weaponry, and other parts to build a one-of-a-kind craft. In Starfield, ships are necessary for exploration since they let players visit new planets and find new places. They are crucial for battle as well because you may use them to fend against adversaries like pirates.

The ship is not unbeatable in the sense that it has unusually potent weapons or terrible armour. Because the AI-controlled adversaries in Starfield are set up to only aim at solid objects, it is impossible to defeat them. As a result, when the enemy ships fire at Morfalath’s ship, their bullets just graze through the cube’s voids. The ship has been put to the test by Morfalath against a variety of foes, and it has performed admirably in each combat situation. It has only ever been defeated once when he engaged in combat with 20 pirates in the Kryx system while playing on the hardest difficulty level.

Check out these features of the “unbeatable” Starfield ship created by Morfalath:

  • It is a four-turreted, hollow, three-dimensional cube that faces multiple orientations.
  • On one of the corners is where the cockpit is.
  • It lacks both shields and armour.
  • It has four engines that power it.
  • It can carry 100 tonnes of cargo.
  • It can accommodate a crew of up to four people.

The AI-controlled adversaries in Starfield are not designed to shoot at anything that is not a solid object, making the spacecraft impossible to defeat. As a result, when the enemy ships fire at Morfalath’s ship, their bullets just graze through the cube’s voids.

The ship has certain flaws, unfortunately. It is readily destroyed by enemy ships that have torpedoes or missiles because it is incredibly slow and manoeuvrable. The ship is still quite useful for gamers who prefer to avoid battle and instead just explore the galaxy.

You should also check out these details of the ship:

  • The cube has sides that are each 100 metres in length.
  • Laser guns are installed in the turrets.
  • Fusion reactors are used to power the engines.
  • A robust yet lightweight alloy was used to construct the ship.

The ship is continually being improved, according to Morfalath. He wants to increase the number of turrets and shields on it, as well as make it faster and easier to manoeuvre. He may also decide to equip the spacecraft with a cloaking mechanism.

The “unbeatable” Starfield ship created by Morfalath has several benefits:

  • Due to the fact that enemy ship shots just go through the cube’s empty slots, it is incredibly challenging to destroy.
  • Due to its excellent manoeuvrability, it is challenging for hostile ships to hit.
  • It moves quite quickly, making it simple to flee from danger.
  • It is incredibly adaptable and can be utilised for a range of activities, including trading, fighting, and exploration.
  • Players can alter both its design and functioning to fit their own needs thanks to its high degree of adaptability.

However, the ship also has some drawbacks:

  • Because of its poor armour, opposing fire can readily cause damage to it.
  • Its small cargo capacity makes it unsuitable for long-distance travel or the transportation of heavy loads.
  • It is ineffective against huge or strongly armed foes because of its lack of strength.

The “unbeatable” Starfield ship is an extremely strong and adaptable vessel that may be utilised for a variety of purposes. Players should carefully assess their needs before selecting this ship because it has several limitations.

Here are some of the known ship types in Starfield:

Fighter: A small, fast ship that is optimized for combat.

Freighter: A large, slow ship that is designed for cargo transport.

Explorer: A medium-sized ship that is a good balance of combat and exploration capabilities.

Science Vessel: A ship that specialises in scientific research.

Transport: A small, fast ship that is designed for passenger transportation.

Each ship type will have different characteristics and abilities, but they will all be able to travel between planets and solar systems, engage in combat, and be modified to the player’s specifications.

It will be fascinating to see whether Bethesda releases a patch to stop gamers from building ships like this in the future. Morfalath’s “unbeatable” ship serves as a reminder that the game’s shipbuilder is a potent tool that can be utilised to design some genuinely distinctive and inventive ships, but, for the time being.

In the meantime, Morfalath is enjoying his time with his unbeatable ship. He says that it is “a lot of fun to fly around and watch the enemy ships get confused.”

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