ChatGPT-4 Too Costly? 7 Websites That Will Allow You To Chat With It For Free!

In today’s world nothing is as popular as Artificial Intelligence. Everybody has access to AI Language models, and whether you agree with or not, it does have a major effect on many of us. 

ChatGPT-3 is publicly available and is one of the most popular tools in the world right now even though its latest version ChatGPT-4 is available in the market. The problem lies in the price. GPT-4 is quite costly. 

Is there a way to access ChatGPT-4 for free, without having to pay its heavy subscription fee? Of course there is. 

In this article, we have listed seven websites that allow you to access GPT-4 for free, enabling you to experience the power of advanced AI language models without breaking the bank.

7 Websites That Let You Access GPT-4 for Free

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become increasingly popular and accessible, particularly through AI language models like GPT-3. While GPT-4, the latest version of these models, is available, its high subscription fees may limit access for many. 

However, there are websites and platforms that provide opportunities to access GPT-4 for free, allowing users to experience the power of advanced AI language models without financial constraints. 

In the below given points we are introducing seven websites that purportedly offer free access to GPT-4, providing users with the chance to explore its capabilities and engage in natural language conversations at no cost.

1. Merlin Chrome Extension:

Merlin is a free Chrome extension that enables you to use ChatGPT on any website. By incorporating GPT-4 into websites that do not natively support it, Merlin expands your access to the power of advanced AI language models, making them readily available wherever you browse.

2. Microsoft Bing

Microsoft Bing has integrated GPT-4 into its search engine, enhancing its search capabilities. When you search for a topic on Bing, you’ll encounter a GPT-4-powered chatbot that can provide detailed and informative answers, going beyond traditional search results.

3. ForeFront AI

ForeFront AI offers a user-friendly chatbot powered by GPT-4. Simply create an account and start conversing with the bot. With no limitations on message count or conversation length, you can explore the extensive capabilities of GPT-4 seamlessly.

4. Ora

Ora is a platform that enables users to create and deploy chatbots. Built upon GPT-4 as its default language model, Ora empowers you to develop chatbots capable of engaging in natural conversations with users. Explore the vast potential of GPT-4 within the context of your own applications.

5. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is a platform that offers access to various AI services, including GPT-4. By signing up for a free trial, you can experience the capabilities of GPT-4 firsthand. Utilize its advanced language processing abilities in your projects, and explore the potential it holds.

6. HuggingFace 

HuggingFace is a research lab that develops and maintains open-source software for natural language processing. HuggingFace’s ChatGPT project allows you to create and deploy chatbots that use GPT-4.

7. Quora Poe

Quora Poe is a platform that leverages AI sources, including GPT-4, to provide answers to your questions. By signing up for a free account, you can tap into the vast knowledge of GPT-4 and obtain insightful responses from the AI community.

Summing up

While ChatGPT Plus may not be within everyone’s budget, there are numerous alternatives available that grant you access to GPT-4 for free. 

These seven websites and platforms provide opportunities to explore the capabilities of advanced AI language models, fostering natural conversations, providing detailed answers, and enhancing your overall experience. 

Whether you’re a developer, a curious user, or simply looking for a reliable source of information, these options offer valuable ways to engage with GPT-4 and leverage its power at no cost.


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