Cortana app in Windows Exit: Embracing Bing Chat and Windows Copilot

In a realm governed by ever-changing technology, one online friend who once filled us with joy now bids us a farewell that elicits both sorrow and delight. Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Cortana, is gradually phasing out from Windows phones and PCs.With Cortana’s narrative concluding, a different era commences. Bing Chat and Windows Copilot now become essential, leading us into a world of new and exciting opportunities. Experience the narration of Cortana’s voyage through triumphs and failures, while uncovering the thrilling evolutions that Microsoft has undergone over time.

Cortana, which was previously a significant aspect of Windows Phones, is being gradually phased out.

What does the Cortana app in Windows do?

Cortana, which is like a robot helper, used to be a main feature of Windows phones. Its purpose was to allow people to utilize their phones without any physical contact and furthermore, anticipate their desires. Just like Siri and Assistant, Cortana had a unique and adorable personality which made it more than just a tool – it was like having a friend.

What do people use Cortana for?

Cortana was a helpful tool that could do many different things. It could help with simple tasks like getting work done and finding information online. Users employ Cortana to assist them in remembering tasks, organizing their schedules, finding answers, and performing diverse actions. This means that the way people can use their Windows devices was made easier and more like having a conversation.

Did Microsoft shut down Cortana?

Yes, Microsoft has been slowly providing less assistance for Cortana. – The standalone Cortana app, employed in both Windows 10 and Windows 11, will become non-operational. This means that the era of the popular virtual assistant is coming to an end. After software updates, the Cortana app has been reported to cease functioning by users.

Why was Cortona shut down?

Microsoft decided to shut down Cortana because it changed its strategy for virtual assistants. Microsoft’s shift in focus entails prioritizing newer technologies like Bing Chat service and Windows Copilot, rather than the Cortana app. The integration of ChatGPT-powered capabilities into its products is consistent with Microsoft’s overarching goal.

Is Cortana app like Google Assistant? 

Yes, Cortana and Google Assistant were similar in how they worked. The primary objective of developing both virtual assistants was to simplify users’ lives through task automation and provide information through voice commands. Both were involved in a computer program collective that gained momentum in the early 2010s for its ability to respond to queries and aid individuals.

What are the disadvantages of using Cortana?

Cortana was convenient, but it also had some restrictions. Cortana’s functionality has been diminished by Microsoft as they gradually limited the range of compatible applications over the years. As a result, it mainly focused on simple tasks like making things and searching on Bing. The system it had wasn’t as robust as Google Assistant’s.

What replaced Cortona? 

Microsoft has stopped using Cortana and instead started using the Bing Chat service in its products. Bing Chat will be included as a pre-installed feature on devices starting from Windows 11. It will let users communicate with and control their devices differently. Furthermore, Cortana is being replaced by Windows Copilot, an AI tool, which is becoming increasingly popular.

Is Cortana still supported?

Cortana’s help has decreased a lot over time.  In early 2021, Microsoft stopped helping with the iOS and Android versions of Cortana. In Windows 11, they eliminated Cortana from the Windows taskbar. As of now, only a small number of users are able to utilize Cortana on their devices. However, it seems like there is less focus on providing ongoing support for it.

In which countries is Cortona available?

At first, Cortana was only in a few countries, but it became available in more places as time went on. Due to declining popularity, Microsoft has limited the availability of Cortana in certain areas as people increasingly opt for other AI services. Users should look at Microsoft’s official information to find the most recent details about when Cortana is available. In other words, Microsoft is gradually reducing the presence of Cortana in Windows phones as they focus more on newer AI-based services like Bing Chat and Windows Copilot. Cortana used to be a popular virtual assistant, but now it is not supported as much. Technology and societal desires are constantly evolving, as exemplified by this occurrence.

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