Former CEO of Twitter JackDorsey introduced BlueSky – “What’s up?”

We’ve all been wondering what Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and former CEO of Twitter has been up to for months. Many rumors have been flowing around but now we finally have an answer. He has recently launched his social media platform named Bluesky. Although it’s not officially launched yet, this app is available on the App Store for beta testing and is invite-only. We can expect it to compete directly with Twitter!

Dorsey is taking on the challenge of building a new social media platform that prioritizes user control and privacy.

According to app intelligence firm, Bluesky has had more than 2000 installs in the testing phase, with the majority of these likely being beta testers. While the app is not yet ranking on any top charts in the U.S. and is not available on Google Play, it is expected to be publicly launched soon.

What exactly is this BlueSky app and what does it provide? Also, how is it different from Twitter? Let’s find out. 

What is Bluesky?

Blusky can be said as  “a new social network for microblogging.” It allows users to post and follow short updates on their timeline just like it can be done on Twitter. There are however some differences like there is no use of hashtags that is a prominent feature of Twitter. Also, there is no feature of direct messaging. 

This app has been designed with a user interface that is quite similar to Twitter, with users being asked “What’s up?” instead of “What’s happening?” Users can block, share, and mute accounts, but they do not yet have the option of creating lists. Also, Bluesky does provide users with suggestions for accounts to follow. The timelines, profiles and colors are almost identical. The creator is even the same.

The Orange County Register reports that Bluesky is being developed with a focus on sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint. The team is reportedly exploring ways to use renewable energy sources for its data centers and implementing eco-friendly practices in its operations.

The Bluesky team revealed that they had released the first iteration of the protocol, called ADX, and had been working to improve and simplify it over the summer.

Bluesky has been seen as a direct challenge to Twitter, with Dorsey reportedly stepping down as Twitter CEO in November 2021 amidst rumors that he would return to the company as CEO. However, with the launch of Bluesky, it seems that Dorsey and Twitter are now better off as competitors than allies.

Dorsey’s views?

In the words of Dorsey, the plan is to “build an open community around it, inclusive of companies & organizations, researchers, civil society leaders,” but “this isn’t going to happen overnight.”

Dorsey tweeted last year saying “biggest issue and my biggest regret is that Twitter became a company.” He later clarified that if a service was a protocol it “can’t be owned by a state, or company.”

Bluesky is a promising new social media platform that offers users a familiar interface and greater control over their data. It will be interesting to see how the app evolves and competes with established players like Twitter in the coming months.

An article from The Orange County Register reveals that Bluesky’s protocol is being developed with the help of a team of engineers and researchers from leading universities, including MIT and Stanford. This collaboration aims to build a more decentralized social media platform that is independent of any one company, allowing for more user privacy and control over their data. Its protocol defines how social media platforms using Bluesky would interact with each other. 

While it’s still early days for Bluesky, its emphasis on decentralization, sustainability, and user control could make it an attractive alternative to existing social media platforms. As more users are invited to try the app and provide feedback, we’ll likely see more changes and developments in the coming months.

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