iBot? Apple Reportedly Developing Personal Robots for Everything Life!


Do you remember those robot helpers we see in movies? According to the sources, Apple might be working on something similar maybe known as iBot! They’re thinking about making robots that can live in our houses and help us out.

Imagine a robot that can follow you around, maybe bringing you things or keeping you company. Or how about a cool stand for your video calls that can move its screen and even turn its head to keep you in the picture? That’s what Apple might be creating!

Apple is indeed looking into developing personal robots, iBot, for the home environment. While it’s still early days, it seems Apple is exploring two possible options:

Mobile robots: Imagine a robot that can follow you around your house, helping out with tasks or keeping you company.

Robotic table-top displays: A device with a screen that can move around to enhance video calls, perhaps mimicking head movements for a more natural experience.

It’s still early days, and there’s no guarantee iBot ever reach consumers. But it’s an interesting glimpse into what Apple might be thinking about for the future of the smart home. It’s exciting to think about what Apple might develop in the future. Maybe robot helpers will become a normal part of our homes someday!


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