How is iOS 18 Better than iOS 17? Apple to Launch Update with New AI Features

iOS 18

Apple is expected to announce iOS 18, codenamed “Crystal”, at their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2024.

iOS 18 release date

The release date of iOS 18 is not finalized yet, but it is likely to be released in September 2024 along with iPhone 16.

How is iOS 18 better than iOS 17?

  1. Newer Features and Improvements: iOS 18 is expected to bring new features and functionalities that weren’t present in iOS 17. These could be improvements in areas like performance, security, accessibility, or introducing entirely new functionalities. Upgrading to iOS 18 would allow users to experience these advancements.
  2. Improved Performance: iOS 18 is probably going to fix bugs and issues and add optimizations that weren’t in the previous version, just like any other software update. Upgrading could enhance the device’s stability and overall usability.

What’s new in iOS 18?

Apple’s annual software updates are always eagerly awaited, but whispers surrounding iOS 18 suggest something groundbreaking might be on the horizon. The update is rumoured to be one of the biggest in iOS history, with a focus on AI enhancements like:

  • Improved Siri performance and capabilities
  • More proactive suggestions and automation
  • RCS messaging support (allowing richer messaging features with Android users)
  • Health app enhancements
  • App Store changes, potentially including allowing third-party app stores

Here’s 3 AI Features iOS 18 may have

Generative AI for a Context-Aware Siri

Imagine Siri understanding your deeper needs and responding proactively. This could involve:

  • Predictive actions: Suggesting calls, texts, or emails based on your schedule and communication patterns.
  • Contextual responses: Understanding the nuances of your requests and providing more relevant answers.
  • Creative assistance: Helping you write emails, poems, or even scripts, tailored to your style and preferences.

AI-powered Photo and Video Editing

Editing photos and videos could become effortless with AI suggesting:

  • Automatic enhancements: Balancing colour, exposure, and white balance for stunning results.
  • Object removal and background changes: Seamlessly removing unwanted objects or replacing backgrounds.
  • Style transfer and creative filters: Applying artistic effects based on your chosen style or mood.
  • Automatic video edits: Creating short, impactful clips with AI-powered scene detection and transitions.

Personalized Text Generation

Text generation tools could adapt to your unique voice and writing style. This could include:

  • Email and message composition: Suggest personalised greetings, closings, and phrasing based on your recipient and communication history.
  • Document and report writing: Helping you generate outlines, introductions, and conclusions, tailored to your audience and purpose.
  • Social media content creation: Suggesting captions, hashtags, and even entire posts based on your interests and engagement patterns.

Video Credits: Zollotech

Additional Features of iOS 18

AI EnhancementsSmarter Siri
More Proactive Apps
Personalised Health Management
Messaging ImprovementsRCS Support
Enhanced iMessage
App Store ChangesThird-party App Stores
Subscription and In-App Purchase Options
Other Potential FeaturesLock Screen Redesign
Always-On Display
AR/VR Integration

Note: Remember that these are just rumours. 

Apple hasn’t confirmed any of these features, and the actual iOS 18 update could be entirely different. We’ll only know for sure when Apple officially unveils it at WWDC 2024 in June, till then stay connected with Oreonow.

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