Meta: iPhone 15 to upload videos on Quest VR headsets

Quest VR Headsets

Yes, Apple Videos on Quest VR Headsets! Imagine watching your vacation videos not just on a screen, but feeling like you’re actually there! That’s what’s possible thanks to a recent update from Meta for their Quest VR headsets. 

Meta announced support for Apple’s spatial video format in their latest v62 software update for Quest 2, Quest 3, and Quest Pro headsets. Now, you can watch special 3D videos taken with the iPhone 15 Pro on your Quest, making them feel more real and immersive than ever before.

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro has a cool new feature that lets you record videos with depth information. This means the phone can understand how far away different objects are in the scene. When you play these videos on a special VR headset like the Quest, it uses this information to create a 3D effect. So, instead of just watching a flat video, you can look around within the scene, just like you would in real life!

How is this beneficial for Meta Quest?

This update gives Meta Quest a leg up on the competition, especially against Apple’s upcoming VR headset. By offering support for iPhone 15 Pro videos, Meta is making their headsets more attractive to iPhone users and expanding the library of 3D content available.

How do I watch these 3D videos on Quest VR headsets?

If you have a Quest headset and an iPhone 15 Pro, you only need to wait for the latest update (version 62) to roll out to your device. Then, you can upload your 3D videos to the Meta Quest app and watch them in VR!

This is a big step forward for VR, making it more accessible and appealing to a wider audience. Before, you mostly needed special VR cameras to create 3D content. Now, anyone with an iPhone 15 Pro can make their immersive videos and share them with friends and family who have VR headsets.

While it’s still early days, this technology can change how we watch videos. Imagine watching concerts, sporting events, or even travel documentaries in VR, feeling right there in the action! It’s an exciting time for VR, and this is just the beginning. Stay updated with Oreonow to see what more devices and technologies are coming this year. 

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