Mystery Unsolved: UK man bitten by cat got a ‘Mystery’ Infection – Even Medical Science couldn’t solve it!

Did you also have a silly fantasy that you will get bitten by an animal and gain some mysterious powers? I had this fantasy too but not any more after hearing what happened in 2020 in the UK. A similar event occurred but fate had other plans but the mystery is still unsolved. Magical spells aren’t always good, I guess. Let me share the whole story of a UK man who got bitten by a cat.

A 48-year-old man from the UK was bitten by a stray cat on hand in 2020. The cat bit him deeply and left multiple bite marks. He thought it was just a cat and didn’t care about it. His carelessness turned out to be a huge mistake of his. Within 8 hours, his hands were swollen and it was very painful. Who thought his injury would become a never-seen-before infection?

He went to the hospital and went through dressing and cleaning of the cat bite. Doctors gave him a shot of tetanus with some antibiotics. Even after the treatment, his injury got worse. The next day he went back to the hospital, his fingers were painfully swollen and the redness was moved up to his forearms. 

The condition got so bad that the tissues surrounding the wounds were totally damaged and needed to be removed surgically. They gave him both pills and IV antibiotics. Thankfully the surgery was successful and the man got better with time. Can you imagine how dangerous some cat bites could be?

The treatment was successful but it left with a question mark. It’s been 3 years but medical science is still not able to solve this.

After the treatment, doctors started searching for the cause of the infection and conducted extensive tests. They discovered a new species of bacteria in the wound from a cat bite. They named it Globicatella catis, the first known species of Globicatella that can cause infection in humans. It is a rare bacteria but you should be aware of it.

To all the people out there, I would suggest you avoid touching unfamiliar cats and be careful while handling them. And to the cat lovers safely interact with cats plus keep your cat’s vaccinations up to date.

You should know that cat bites can be harmful even if they are perfectly healthy. The bacteria from cat bites can cause serious infections. You should wash the wound with soap/salt and water, and seek medical attention immediately if a cat bites you no matter if the wound is major or minor.

The study warns that like other animals, cats can also have some dangerous and undiscovered pathogens. Timely prevention can reduce your troubles. Let’s see if scientists will ever be able to solve this mystery, till then stay connected with oreonow.

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