Samsung to Launch Exynos 2500 Mobile Processor this Year

Exynos 2500

The Exynos 2500 is an upcoming flagship mobile processor designed by Samsung. It is expected to be used in the Galaxy S25 series later this year. It is the successor to the Exynos 2400 found in the Galaxy S24 series. Here’s what we know about the Exynos 2500 based on leaks and rumours:

Manufacturing process: It is anticipated to be made with Samsung’s second-generation 3nm GAA fabrication technology (3nm GAP/SF3). It is claimed to provide more power efficiency and performance than the Exynos 2400’s 5nm process.

CPU: Rumours say that it will have a 10-core CPU design, with three Cortex-A730 cores clocked at 2.3 GHz to 2.5 GHz, four efficiency-focused Cortex-A520 cores, two extra Cortex-A730 cores, and one high-performance Cortex-X5 core clocked at 3.2 GHz or more.

GPU: It is anticipated to come with AMD’s RDNA-based Xclipse 950 GPU, which is claimed to perform better at ray tracing than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and is an improvement over the Xclipse 940 seen in the Exynos 2400.

Other features: Other rumoured features are – support for faster LPDDR6X memory, an enhanced AI processor, and enhanced picture signal processing capabilities.

Specs of Exynos 2500

CPU10-core configuration:
* 1x high-performance Cortex-X5 core clocked at 3.2 GHz or more
* 3x Cortex-A730 cores operating at 2.3 GHz to 2.5 GHz
* 2x additional Cortex-A730 cores
* 4x efficiency-focused Cortex-A520 cores
Manufacturing ProcessSamsung’s second-generation 3nm GAA fabrication process (3nm GAP/SF3)
GPUAMD’s RDNA-based Xclipse 950 GPU
Additional FeaturesImproved AI processor
Better image signal processing capabilities
Support for faster LPDDR6X memory

Overall, the Exynos 2500 appears to be a powerful and efficient mobile processor that may compete with Qualcomm’s future Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. If the reports are true, it might be a major step up from the Exynos 2400 and help Samsung reclaim some market share for high-end smartphones.

Remember that these are just leaks and rumours, and the final specs of the Exynos 2500 could be different. We will have to wait for Samsung to officially announce the processor to know for sure, till then stay connected with Oreonow.

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