VRS – Let’s make money by watching YouTube Videos

We’ve all desperately come across various sites that offer money for watching ads, legit or fake. So why trust this one now? This might turn out to be another fraud?

Well, this certainly is not a scam.

Have a look at this:

YouTube has launched Viewers Revenue Sharing (VRS) program in India. Although, this is just the starting and only selected viewers and channels can use this as it is yet being tested. But soon it’s going to become public and we all will be making money watching YouTube. (Yeah, like we were not wasting our day watching videos here anyway, what’s the loss in earning a few bucks?)

The only way of making money on YouTube we knew was by creating videos. But that requires a lot of effort. You gotta find a topic, create an interesting video, post it and do the optimization right, constant posting, attracting viewers and what not. But as this VRS program suggests, viewers will be able to generate revenue by watching their favorite videos. What’s the catch? You can’t skip ads. We’ll talk about it further in this article.

You must be wondering why YouTube is going as far as paying money to watch videos. Simply, they want us to spend more time on their platform so they could make more money. And now we’ll be getting a part of it, not just by creating videos and having to strive for the ranking, but also as a viewer.

VRS YOUTUBE PROGRAM – earn by watching youtube videos

Mr. Neal Mohan, the CEO of Youtube, released an official statement saying that “The VRS program aims to create a more inclusive and rewarding ecosystem that benefits content creators, viewers, and YouTube. We believe that by sharing ad revenue with viewers, we can foster a more engaged and loyal community.”

So what is this VRS Program Phase II Exactly?

VRS program Aka Viewers Revenue Sharing Program gives a share of the total generated revenue to the viewers as well. Up until now, the revenue distribution was as follows:

Content Creators: 45% : YouTube: 55%

Now, via this program they are leaving 10% of their share to the viewers and now viewers will have a part of the revenue distribution.

Revenue generation criteria under VRS program

Viewers: 10% | Content Creators: 45% | YouTube: 45%

Before this system was suggested, Youtube used to keep 55% of the share and gave the creator 45%, but now they are giving up 10% of their share for the public in order to attract more active viewers.

If you are looking forward to joining this program, all you have to do is link a KYC-compliant bank account. $100 will get accumulated to your account as you watch the videos and payment will be made automatically to the bank that you have linked and verified with the KYC details.

How Does a VRS Program Drive Revenue?

The VRS program was first launched in the USA where it achieved great success the past 3 months, while it was being tested. The trial was enforced on Jan 1st, 2023 and got overwhelmingly positive results.

The watch time on YouTube has increased by more than 100%.

This news alone sent chills down my spine, it is such an innovative move that now the revenues of YouTube have increased not double or triple but straight up to one hundred percent!

What’s great is that people have made above $200 per month.

We surely have high hopes for the future.

Guidelines that the viewer requires to follow

  1. No Frauds, if you’re thinking you can get a loophole and fool the system, beware, or your account may get banned. Sure it may have loopholes but I’m not going all JAILBREAKER to find out, and neither should you.
  2. Long as well as Short videos will be covered in this. This will be applicable on both long as well as short videos. We won’t have to watch a full 2 hours movie to get the money, thankfully, even while scrolling through our favorite shorts we’ll be making cash.
  3. Do Not Skip Ads, no matter how much you’re tempted to. The more ads you watch, the more revenue you will be generating.
  4. Content with higher advertiser interest will get more money. The reason behind that is that YouTube generates money via ads, so more ads means more profit.
  5. No activity for 5 min. Straight will get the revenue revoked.
  6. You’re not supposed to leave your device unattended while watching the video. Doing so will let you out of this program.

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