What’s new in the Apple Watch Series 9?

Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 9 along with the iPhone 15 series at its annual Apple event on September 12 in California. The device has a very familiar design and features compared to Apple Watch Series 8 but there is one big upgrade that makes it more exciting. 

Apple’s Most Powerful Chip 

This Apple Watch has a new S9 processor which is based on the A15 Bionic processor and that’s a big deal. This chip consists of 5.6 billion transistors alongside a GPU that is 30% faster than the previous-gen processor. It is Apple’s most powerful chip till now.

The system in a package (SiP) of Apple Watch Series 9 is paired with a 4-core Neutral Engine. This helps in processing machine learning tasks up to twice as fast compared to previous generations. Basically, the SiP is the most important feature of this device which helps to make the watch smaller, lighter, more power efficient, and more affordable. 

Alongside this powerful chip, there are more features that make this device even more exciting

New and Innovative Double Tap Feature

The device introduces a new double-tap feature. This helps to control the watch without touching the screen. You just need to tap your index finger and thumb together twice on the top of your watch hand, isn’t that amazing? It can be very useful when you have dirty or wet hands or if you are wearing gloves. It is also convenient when your hands are not free. You can perform the following actions with this feature:

  • Answer or end a phone call
  • Play or pause music
  • Stop a timer
  • Snooze an alarm
  • Open the smart smack 
  • Scroll through widgets

The double tap feature is a new and innovative way to interact with the Apple Watch Series 9. Easy to use and customize to fit.

Retina Always-On Display

The new Apple Watch Series offers a brighter display than the previous generation. This makes it easier to read in direct sunlight. Moreover, the display can be lowered to just one nit in dark rooms or early mornings which will not disturb the people nearby.

Apple’s new display technology “Retina Always-On Display” makes the display brighter. It allows the display to reach higher brightness levels with the help of an efficient power management system.

Faster On-Device Siri

Siri is even more fast and responsive in the Apple Watch Series 9. The 4-core Neutral Engine is responsible for processing Siri requests. Siri is also more intelligent in this watch, it can now understand a wide range of requests that too in natural language. It can also access and log health data. It is more convenient, more productive, and more informative than the previous generations. 

Precision Finding For iPhone

This new feature in the Apple watch series 9 uses ultra-wideband (UWB) to help you locate your lost iPhone. UWB is a short-range wireless communication protocol and it provides very accurate location information. It is a very useful feature especially when your iPhone is lost in a large or crowded area.

Check out some Additional features of this watch

Health and Fitness Tracking

This watch can track health and fitness in a very wide range which includes Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen Levels, Sleep, Workouts, Activity Levels, Calories Burned, Distance Traveled, Elevation Gain, Respiratory Rate, and Electrocardiogram(ECG).

Notification and Communication

The device is great for staying connected and informed. It receives notifications from your iPhone. You can also send messages through this. Basically, you can receive and send messages, calls, or emails. It also has a walkie-talkie which helps you to communicate with other Apple watch users through WiFi or cellular.

Apps and Services

There are thousands of Apps and Services in the Apple Watch Series 9 which include fitness, health, productivity, entertainment and more.

Some of the most popular apps for the Apple Watch are:

  • Fitness: Strava, Nike Run Club, WorkOutDoors, Citymapper
  • Health: HeartWatch, Cardiogram, SleepWatch, Cycle Tracking
  • Productivity: Things 3, OmniFocus, Todoist, Fantastical
  • Entertainment: Spotify, Apple Music, Audible, Overcast

The Apple Watch is a powerful and versatile device and apps and services have made it even more useful.

Apple Watch Series 9 will be available in Pink colour along with it’s standard color option. The amazing fact is that all the colors available in this watch match the iPhone 15 colors. Apart from pink, you get Starlight, Midnight, Silver, and Product(RED).

The device will have a recognizable rectangular look with two case sizes: 41mm and 45mm. You can choose between aluminum and stainless steel for case material.

Since Apple is aiming to be more environmentally friendly, the company is now stepping it up. Apple is replacing the leather bands with new eco-friendly watch bands.

Series 9 is Apple’s entirely carbon-neutral product, along with the redesigned Sport Loop. A FineWoven material, which is made of 68% post-consumer recycled content, will replace the leather bands. 

Check out the Prices of the Apple Watch Series 9

Price of Apple Watch Series 9 in the United States

  • 41mm GPS model: Starting at $399
  • 41mm GPS + Cellular model: Starting at $499
  • 45mm GPS model: Starting at $429
  • 45mm GPS + Cellular model: Starting at $529.

What is the price of Apple Watch Series 9 in India

  • 41mm GPS model: Starting at ₹41,900
  • 41mm GPS + Cellular model: Starting at ₹51,900
  • 45mm GPS model: Starting at ₹44,900
  • 45mm GPS + Cellular model: Starting at ₹54,900.

Pre-booking for Apple Watch Series 9 will start on September 15 and sales will start from September 22. 

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