Why Apple Rejected Bing and Stayed with Google, Says Microsoft Executives

When Microsoft wanted to sell Bing to Apple, Apple declined the deal. In fact, when Microsoft offered to make Bing as the default search engine on Apple devices, Apple again declined the offer. Apple decided to stick to Google.

There are recent speculations which say that it was because of Google’s money that Apple rejected Bing. Basically, Google offered more money to Apple and it decided to stick to it and didn’t go for Bing. Rumors also say that, since Bing’s quality was not high then, Apple was concerned and eventually selected Google Search.

Microsoft even thought of investing more than Google. But Apple ultimately turned down the offer as Google’s money was too appealing to pass up. Google has always used its financial resources to maintain its position at the top of the search engine market. However, there are some other reasons why Apple didn’t choose Bing.

Why did Apple reject Bing and choose Google?


Google pays billions of dollars to Apple per year to be the default search engine on its device which is a much bigger amount than Bing. Definitely, it would be difficult for Apple to give up. For Apple, it is a major source of income.


Google Search Console is the most popular search console in the world. It is considered the best in the search engine market. Bing is not that popular comparatively. Since Apple is known for its high standards, switching to a search engine that would be inferior to Google.


Apple has always been concerned about privacy. In fact, it has criticized Google for its data-collecting methods. Maybe Apple was hesitant to switch to Bing as it is not as well recognized for its privacy as Google.

Moreover, Apple has a history of working together with Google on a number of subjects. They have worked on various projects and are both committed to keeping a positive working relationship. Microsoft has tried to work with Apple a number of times but Apple always refused, it is happy with its current arrangement with Google.

No doubt, there are some areas where Bing is better than Google. It is more accurate than Google for some searches like restaurants or local businesses. Bing also has some unique features like a reward program and its integration with Microsoft Office.

However, most of the users use Google Search as they think it is a better choice. Google Search has more websites and it has the ability to understand queries of users better than any other search engine. It also offers a wide range of features like image search, maps service, translation tool, and many more.

However, these are just speculations and are based on reports from anonymous sources. Apple has not disclosed anything on this topic. According to the report, Apple has always kept its priorities straight which are user choice and competition and it always puts profit first. 

From what we can see, Apple is unlikely to switch to Bing anytime soon. It has a close relationship with Google and generates significant revenue from it. Let’s see how long this work-relation works and if Apple is going to give a chance to Bing ever, till then stay connected with Oreonow.

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