World’s First E-Ink Smartphone with Qwerty Keyboard – What’s New in it?

E-Ink Smartphone

Ever wished your phone was easier on your eyes and didn’t die after a few hours? Well, a new phone called the Minimal Phone might be the answer! It is the world’s first E-Ink Smartphone with a qwerty keyboard. It’s different from any phone you’ve seen before. 

Unlike most phones with bright screens, the Minimal Phone uses an e-ink display. This is the same kind of screen you see on e-readers. It looks like real paper, so you can read emails, texts, or even ebooks for hours without getting tired eyes.

What’s different about it?

Remember the old phones with buttons? The Minimal Phone brings them back in style with a built-in Qwerty keyboard. You are no longer struggling to type on a tiny touchscreen! This keyboard lets you fly through messages and emails with ease.

The Minimal Phone is about something other than fancy games or hundreds of apps. It’s designed for the essentials – staying connected, checking emails, and reading comfortably. This means a longer battery life, so you can use your phone all day without worrying about it dying.

Features of E-Ink Smartphone

  • E-Ink Display: Imagine a phone screen that looks and feels like real paper. That’s the magic of e-ink! It’s super easy on the eyes, perfect for reading emails, and books, or browsing for long stretches without feeling strained.
  • Qwerty Keyboard: Say goodbye to frustrating typos and smudgy fingerprints! The built-in physical Qwerty keyboard offers a familiar and comfortable typing experience, just like the old days. No more struggling on a tiny touchscreen!
  • Focus on Essentials: This phone prioritises core functionalities over bells and whistles. You’ll likely find Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity to stay online, along with a basic camera for capturing quick moments.
  • Long Battery Life: The e-ink display and focus on essentials translate to a major perk – extended battery life! You can ditch the charger for longer, using your phone throughout the day without worrying about it dying.
  • Minimalist Design: The Minimal Phone sheds unnecessary features that drain batteries and clutter the user experience. It’s a phone designed for clear communication, reading, and basic tasks, offering a simpler and more focused mobile experience.

Specs of E-Ink Smartphone

Camera12MP Rear
8MP Front
Headphone Jack3.5MM
Battery4000 mAH 
ProcessorMTK 6769
WiFi802.11  a/b/g/n 2.4/5GHz
Additional FeaturesNFC
Fingerprint Unlock

Price of E-Ink Smartphone

The exact price of the Minimal Phone hasn’t been officially announced yet. However, rumours suggest that the cost of this could be around $400.

The Minimal Phone is a brand-new idea, and it’s not yet available in stores. But it shows us that phones can be different. They can be easier on our eyes, last longer, and help us focus on what truly matters.


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