WWDC 2024: Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is Back in June!

WWDC 2024

Get ready, Apple fans! WWDC, their special event for app makers, is happening again this year from June 10th to 14th. Most of it will be online and free to watch, but there’s also a cool in-person event on June 10th. However, there are limited spots available for the in-person event.

This is where Apple shows off all the cool new updates coming to your iPhones, iPads, Macs, Watches, and Apple TVs. They might even give a sneak peek at new software for their future glasses or whatever they’ll be called.

What’s new about WWDC 2024?

The big star will probably be the new iPhone software, called iOS 18. It might have ways to make your phone work even better for you, keep your stuff extra private, and maybe even add some cool new features that use special glasses to show things in the real world.

Apple might also talk a lot about something called “artificial intelligence” (AI) this year. This lets computers learn and do things that seem almost magical. We’ll see if Apple has any surprises in this area!

While WWDC 2024 (Apple’s developer conference) focuses on software updates, there’s a chance for some hardware surprises. However, major reveals are less likely. 

Here’s what to expect from WWDC 2024!

New gadgets:

Rumours swirl about the Apple AR/VR headset, but WWDC might not be the place for a big reveal. We might see a tease or some hints, but a full unveiling seems less probable.

Focus on software updates:

Expect announcements about the next versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. These updates will bring new features and improvements to your existing Apple devices.

This event is all about getting excited for the future! Developers will learn how to build even better apps, and we’ll all get a taste of the awesome things coming to our Apple devices. Stay Updated with Oreonow and keep getting updates on WWDC 2024!

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