Nvidia leaked slides Show How They Think Their AI Computers Are Better

Nvidia Leaked Slides

Imagine having a super-powered computer specifically designed for artificial intelligence (AI) tasks. Well, Nvidia makes these, and according to information from some Nvidia leaked slides, they think theirs are the best!

These leaks are like secret documents that someone accidentally shared. They show that Nvidia might be calling their AI computers with special RTX graphics cards “premium” because they’re extra powerful. On the other hand, those with only NPUs (another kind of AI chip) might be called “basic.”

Here’s the thing about computers: we measure their speed for AI stuff in TOPS, which stands for Tera Operations Per Second (kind of like how fast they can do a bunch of calculations). The leaks say “basic” NPU computers might only handle 10 to 45 TOPS, while the “premium” RTX ones could be way faster, handling from 100 to over 1,300 TOPS! That’s a huge difference.

Now, it’s important to remember that this info might be Nvidia trying to convince everyone their RTX computers are the absolute best. Of course, they would say that! But the leaks do suggest that right now, these separate graphics cards might actually be faster than just NPUs for AI tasks.

So, what does this mean? Well, it shows us a bit about how Nvidia sees their AI computers compared to others. They seem to think their RTX tech gives them a big edge. But remember, leaks can be biased, so it’s always good to wait for more information before making a final decision.


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